Order Process

What is your turnaround time?

  • Our standard production turnaround time is a week to ten days. The clock starts when we have received your PO, final approval of your artwork, and your garments. Depending on the time of year and our current workload, we may be able to accommodate rush orders. A $50 rush charge will apply. We are not able to accommodate same day rush orders.

How does your pricing work?

  • Prices for printing are dependent on the number of garments, the number of colours in the design and whether the print will be on light or dark garments.

  • Pricing for embroidery is dependent on the number of garments and the stitch count in the design. Hats and flats cannot be combined for quantities as they are separate setups.

Should I base my pricing on your light or dark price list?

  • In general, if any of the colours in the design are lighter than the shirt colour, the print should be priced on the dark price list. Also, if there is white in the design, always use the dark list.

Is there a minimum order size?

  • No, we'll print any size order. However, print orders with less than 24 pieces are subject to our minimum print charge.

I'm just starting out in the promotional industry and I don't have accounts with garment suppliers yet, are you able to order garments for me?

  • We are able to order garments from most major suppliers (including Sanmar, Technosport, Alpha Broder, Trimark, Stormtech, AJM and Kobe Sportswear). Prepayment is required for all garment orders.

I saw that you are a Sanmar Canada Consolifreight partner, what does this mean?

  • This means that you will not be charged shipping or handling on any orders from Sanmar that are shipped directly to us for decoration.

Am I able to get a pre-production sample piece to show my client?

  • We do not provide pre-production samples except in certain circumstances. Questions regarding print size, colour and placement should be addressed through the order proof. On the rare occasion that a pre-prod sample is required, charges will apply.