What type of threads do you use?

  • We use isaccord threads. We keep a wide variety of colours in stock. The list of isaccord colours we have available is here.

My client already has an embroidery file, but I can’t open it. Is there a software I can use to view the file?

  • Wilcom offers a free version of their embroidery software which allows you to preview you embroidery files to see the size and stitch count. Please note that dst files don’t contain thread colour information, so when you open the file it most likely will not be in the proper colours. That’s not a problem, we can help you to select the appropriate colours. The Wilcom TrueSizer software can be downloaded here.

Are you able to use client provided embroidery files?

  • Yes, we can use provided embroidery files in which case there will be no digitizing fee for your order. Our first step when we receive a client provided embroidery file is to run a sew-out to ensure that the file runs well. If we foresee any issues, we'll let you know prior to starting your order.

What type of file can you use to create an embroidery file?

  • Embroidery files can be created from vector art or a high-quality raster image (jpeg/tif)

What is the max size you can embroider on the front of a cap?

  • We can embroider designs up to 2.25” high on the front of caps.

What size should I print/embroider the design?

  • For left chest, we suggest 3-4”wide depending on the design.

  • For full front or back designs, 10-11” wide is a good size to fit a wide range of shirt sizes.

  • For sleeve decoration, you can often use the same file as you would use on the left chest (3-4” wide).

Do you offer puff or 3D embroidery?

  • We do. A surcharge applies for puff embroidery.